Hallucinogenic Plants

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Hallucinogenic Plants

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Hallucinogenic Plants

Information :
Author : Richard Evans Schultes | Published by Golden Press |
Publication date : August 1976 | ISBN : 0307243621 | PDF Format, 160
pages | English | Original File Size : 5353 KB

Overview :
What are hallucinogenic plants? How do they affect mind and body? Who uses them - and why?

In his search for food, early man tried all kinds of plants. Some
nourished him, some, he found, cured his ills, and some killed him. A
few, to his surprise, had strange effects on his mind and body, seeming
to carry him into other worlds. We call these plants hallucinogens,
because they distort the senses and usually produce hallucinations -
experiences that depart from reality. Although most hallucinations are
visual, they may also involve the senses of hearing, touch, smell, or
taste - and occasionally several senses simultaneously are involved.
The actual causes of such hallucinations are chemical substances in the
plants. These substances are true narcotics.

Contrary to popular opinion, not all narcotics are dangerous and
addictive. Strictly and etymologicolly speaking, a narcotic is any
substance that has a depressive effect, whether slight or great, on the
central nervous system.

This unique Golden Guide surveys the role of psychoactive plants in
primitive and civilized societies from early times to the present. The
first nontechnical guide to both the cultural significance and
physiological effects of hallucinogens, “Hallucinogenic Plants” will
fascinate general readers and students of anthropology and history as
well as botanists and other specialists.





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